herbaceous perennial

A soft stemmed plant that lives from year to year by dying down to ground level at the end of each growing season.

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  • herbaceous perennial — noun a plant whose growth dies down annually but whose roots or other underground parts survive …   English new terms dictionary

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  • Herbaceous plant — A herbaceous plant (or in botanical use, a herb) is a plant that has leaves and stems that die down at the end of the growing season to the soil level. A herbaceous plant may be annual, biennial or perennial.Annual herbaceous plants die… …   Wikipedia

  • herbaceous — adj. of or like herbs (see HERB 1). Phrases and idioms: herbaceous border a garden border containing esp. perennial flowering plants. herbaceous perennial a plant whose growth dies down annually but whose roots etc. survive. Etymology: L… …   Useful english dictionary

  • perennial — adj. & n. adj. 1 lasting through a year or several years. 2 (of a plant) lasting several years (cf. ANNUAL). 3 lasting a long time or for ever. 4 (of a stream) flowing through all seasons of the year. n. a perennial plant (a herbaceous perennial) …   Useful english dictionary

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  • herbaceous border — ► NOUN ▪ a garden border containing mainly perennial flowering plants …   English terms dictionary

  • Perennial plant — A perennial plant or perennial (Latin per , through , annus , year ) is a plant that lives for more than two years. [The Garden Helper. [http://www.thegardenhelper.com/planting.html The Difference Between Annual Plants and Perennial Plants in the …   Wikipedia

  • Herbaceous border — A herbaceous border is a collection of perennial herbaceous plants (plants that live for more than two years and are soft stemmed and non woody) arranged closely together, usually to create a dramatic effect through colour, shape or large scale.… …   Wikipedia

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